Can Jesus liberate us from the things of this world?

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I part of growing in our knowledge of Christ is exploring questions about who he is and how we follow him. Questions are good! Let us know your thoughts or concerns and we’ll connect with you.

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Jesus is your salvation while you are on this earth.

You are freed from living a self-indulgent life, hatred, being tossed by circumstances like the waves in the ocean, anxieties, depression, fear, and life-controlling issues.

When you dedicate your life to Jesus Christ you become a new creation. You live now by the rules detailed in the Bible rather than by the rules of your culture, religion, or family of origin. For example, you will learn the freedom that forgiveness brings! You are no longer bound by holding grudges, seeking revenge, hatred, anxiety, and fear. You can ask Jesus to forgive your offender and you allow Jesus to deal with the issue and balance the scales of justice. This will free you from a heavy weight and replace this burden with peace and even joy.

When you face issues in life, you will realize that Jesus will journey with you. When you pattern your life after His example and His teachings, you will find true freedom. You will discover how to deal with life in a righteous manner and in a way that honors God.

You are freed from what this world can offer because Jesus taught us that this earth is not our home. When we die, we know that our faith in Jesus Christ will allow us to be with God in heaven for eternity. Our eternal home is heaven. Our time on this earth is temporary.

When we understand that heaven is our home, we realize that the best action and behavior that we can do is to live a life that honors Christ. We love God and we love others. We learned that we can be content in all circumstances. We can be content in financial wealth or in financial poverty. We can be content in seasons of ill health and in season of good health. The reason is that our happiness, our true joy, is not reliant on the circumstances around us but is determined by aligning our heart with Jesus.