Does Jesus give you life after death?

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The Bible teaches that it is appointed that each person will die.

Then, each one of us will experience the consequences of our actions and thoughts while we lived on earth. The Bible says that those who walk in the Light, which are those who follow Jesus wholeheartedly, will go to heaven. Those who do not walk in the Light and choose to walk in the darkness of this world will not go to heaven. These people are what we call “self-condemned”; they reap the consequences of their choices while they were alive on earth.

The Bible teaches that we have one life to live. After this life is over, we will live in eternity based on whether or not we loved and served God. This means that we get one opportunity to live a righteous life that honors God. While we are alive, we have opportunity to hear that God loves us and to accept Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord. When we do this, we are freed from our past sins and freed to live a righteous life that honors God. It is as if we are born again. This is a tremendous opportunity! But once we die, our eternal destiny is determined based on our actions while we were alive.

Loving and serving Jesus will grant you eternal life with God in heaven. The rewards for living a life that honors God will be that you will live today in freedom that only He provides and you are assured that you will live with Him forever in heaven.

The universe and everything in it are creations of Almighty God. As we are captivated by the beauty of God’s creation, we are limited by our senses. Our impression of what heaven will be like is limited by our experiences and present knowledge. But we do know that God created a heaven that far exceeds our ability to comprehend its beauty and magnitude. What we do know is that we will be in the presence of God for eternity. There will be no more temptation, sin, and death. We will live with God and will experience the wonder of worshipping Him forever.