Is Belief in Jesus the Only Way to Heaven?

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I part of growing in our knowledge of Christ is exploring questions about who he is and how we follow him. Questions are good! Let us know your thoughts or concerns and we’ll connect with you.

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The Bible teaches that there is one way to heaven and that is by believing in Jesus Christ.

This relationship with Jesus is not limited to a few but is available to everyone in all the world. Jesus taught that we must not only believe that he is the Lord but also that we must obey what He commanded.

The Bible teaches that we cannot do good works on our own and earn our entrance into heaven. We cannot get into heaven because of our nationality, our birthright, or our religion. There is no one who is righteous, not one, except for Jesus Christ. When we obey and love Him then we are assured that we will be with Him in heaven for eternity. If we follow any one other than Jesus we can live a good life but we will still far short of God’s glory. We can never attain holiness outside of the love of Jesus Christ.

Some people believe that if God is love then He will just forgive everyone because He will want them to be united with Him in heaven. While it is true that God is love, God is holy, as well. His holiness means that He is perfect and therefore cannot allow anyone imperfect to enter heaven. Jesus Christ lived a sinless life and was perfect. Only He could die for us. As a result, we are forgiven, made holy, and covered by His actions and love. We are then able to go to heaven because of Jesus Christ.

The belief that one can go to heaven without loving Jesus will deny the deity of Jesus. It will reduce Jesus to being just a man. This is not what the Bible teaches. Also, such a belief will deny the holiness of God. If God allowed people into heaven without being cleansed by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ then this will deny His character.